IOD 2023 North Americans
August 25-26-27, 2023 (rescheduled)
Marblehead, MA USA

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for 2023 IOD North Americans
(these FAQs are intended to provide information about how the Organizers of the 2023 IOD NAs are imagining the event. These FAQ answers are not considered to be a governing document for the event. Any of these provisions may be modified or deleted in the final Notice of Race, and the NOR may contain new provisions)

The North American’s were rescheduled from July… why?

After evaluating many factors, but primarily participant interest and housing requirements, the Marblehead fleet realized that to host a North Americans that truly served the best interests of the class the regatta would need to be moved.  The Corinthian Yacht Club has bent over backwards to help us reschedule this event to a time — August 25/26/27 — when we think more fleets will be able to participate, and where we will be able to host all competitors in local homes.

When and where are 2023 North Americans?
The 2023 IOD North Americans will be held at the Corinthian Yacht Club in Marblehead, MA, with racing scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 25/26/27 2023.  Registration will begin on Thursday evening August 24th.  The registration desk will be open from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. on Thursday, and again from 8 a.m. – 9 a.m.  on Friday August 25th

Who is the host Yacht Club for 2023 North Americans?
The 2023 North Americans are being hosted at Corinthian Yacht Club, 1 Nahant Street, in Marblehead, MA.  Save for the Friday evening dinner, all regatta activities will take place at the CYC.

How many teams will be invited to 2023 North Americans?
The Organizers hope to invite 7-8 participating teams.  This will accommodate 1 team from every North American IOD Fleet that competed a qualifier during 2022. Note that these numbers are not confirmed or guaranteed at this time.

How will Invitations to 2023 North Americans be allocated and sent?
Invitations for the 2023 IOD North Americans are allocated and sent by Marblehead Fleet.  All fleets in good standing who completed a Qualifying Series of at least four races in which at least three IODs finished, should have received notice their Fleet Invitation.  

What is the Social Schedule?
The Marblehead Fleet is planning a weekend of enjoyable social activities, including a regatta dinner at the Corinthian Yacht Club on Friday evening August 25th (jacket and tie, please), and a regatta dinner at the home of the Marblehead Fleet Captain on Saturday evening, July 8th (casual).  There will also be coffee and muffins or donuts in the mornings at the CYC on Friday-Sunday, and simple refreshments at the prizegiving following racing on Sunday August 27th.

When will the Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions be published?
The NOR has been mailed out to the Fleet Captains. There is a link to the downloadable NOR at the top of this page.  The Sailing Instructions should be published in mid-August 2023

Is this a change boat event?
Yes, the IOD North Americans is a change boat event – however at the NAs, teams will sail the same boat for all races on any given day of the event.

How much is the Entry Fee for 2023 North Americans?
To simplify online and in-person transactions, 2023 North Americans regatta entry fee combines the required race management fees with five transferrable social packages. The anticipated total Regatta Entry fee is $1000.  This single fee covers race management costs, regatta expenses, insurance, and five social packages for the weekend.

How much is the Social Fee for 2023 North Americans?
FIve social packages for 2023 North Americans are provided with each entry.  The social schedule includes dinner Friday and Saturday evening (cash bar Saturday evening), refreshments at the Sunday prizegiving, plus coffee and muffins each morning at the Club. To accommodate spouses, partners, and other guests, additional social packages will be available for sale for $150 at registration on Thursday August 24th and Friday August 25th.  Children under age 16 are the guests of the Marblehead Fleet at all events.

What are the Insurance arrangements for 2023 North Americans?
The usual borrowed boat insurance will be in place for this regatta.

All teams will need to provide the regatta organizers with a damage deposit of approximately $1000 to cover the possible deductible from an incident.  This damage deposit will be returned to the skippers, less any deductions for damages incurred, at the end of the regatta.  We prefer to receive the damage deposit via paper check. Co-skippers will only be required to submit one damage deposit.

What forms of payment will be accepted?
We expect to be able to transact payments via check, or via credit card. A final decision on a credit card vendor has not been made, however we expect to be able to process payments made with VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and possibly American Express. There will be a small processing fee added to credit card transactions.  We prefer regatta damage deposits to be made by personal check.  That way we will be able to hold the checks and possibly tear yours up at the end of the week – provided there are no incidents that might be wholly or partially assessed to your deposit.

What is the racing schedule?
Racing is scheduled to begin Friday morning August 25th.   Up to seven races may be sailed, however, it is more likely that the regatta will consist of five or six races.  On Friday, expect a practice start, followed by two races. On Saturday, two or three races may be sailed.  Though two races may be sailed, a single race is anticipated on Sunday, August 27th. On Sunday, the plan is that no warning may be given after 2:30 p.m. The racing schedule is subject to change, and will likely change.

The Sailing Instructions will give the Race Committee the flexibility to deviate from this tentative schedule, in order to provide the best and fairest possible racing.  The SIs will allow RC to hold up to three races on any day of the regatta.

What are the expected conditions?
Late August in Marblehead is a transition season.  In recent years, summer wind patterns have continued into late August, but it is also a season where storms can sweep into the area from the west or from the south.  Temperatures on the water should be pleasant and winds could be anywhere from  6-20kts…

How will housing be arranged?
In keeping with the long-standing tradition of the IOD Class, the Marblehead fleet will make every effort to provide visiting sailors and their guests with accommodations in local homes. Visiting teams are asked to make their housing requirements known to us by completing the online housing form as soon as possible after it is posted (sometime in February).  We will do our best to accommodate every reasonable request – including spouses, children, significant others. Housing will begin on Thursday night, August 24, and ends on Sunday morning August 27.

Will I need a car for 2023 North Americans?
We recommend that each team have access to at least one car.   Although the majority of host homes will be in Marblehead, some teams may be housed more than a mile from the Yacht Clubs.  In addition, The Friday evening dinner will take place about 2 miles from the Club.

What arrangements or options are there for racing lunches?
Marblehead boasts many wonderful sandwich shops would will welcome your business during the North Americans. A list of lunch options will be provided at this site during the weeks before the regatta.

Will there be North Americans shirts, hats and other merchandise? Can I order in advance?
Yes. Limited quantities of Regatta gear will be available at the event for direct purchase. Regatta gear will also be available for advance order. Look for an online store at this website — online Orders made before August 4th should be available for pickup at registration.

Will there be COVID vaccination/testing requirements at the 2023 NAs?

At this time (March 2023) it is impossible to predict the COVID outlook and required safety measures needed for the event.  Most COVID protocols and travel requirements have been lifted. However, we recognize that this may change in the future and that testing/proof of vaccination may be required before and during the event